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Hope House property

Hope House

Providing a home for moms and their newborn babies.

Our Mission

Hope House is a residency program providing comprehensive care and support for mothers as they build independent lives for themselves and their newborn children during their baby’s first year of life. Women are welcomed, during their pregnancy, into a safe and loving home that provides life-changing programs and supportive services.

Who We Serve

We serve women, ages 18 and older, and their newborn baby through the first year of the baby’s life. Hope House can accommodate 4 mothers and their newborn babies.

The Program

The primary plan for each Hope House resident:

  • Work to end the cycles that put the health of you and your baby at risk

  • Strengthen families to live healthy, safe, and productive lives

  • Follow a customized plan that establishes goals toward building family permanency, a stable income, safe and affordable housing, reliable transportation, and a continued education.

If you need immediate assistance, please call New Life Pregnancy Center, 217-872-5555, and ask for Penny. If you leave a message, we will make every attempt to reach back out to you as soon as possible. Penny can also be reached at You can also use the Contact Us form below: 

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